Defenseless to these whims, tonight I feel like breathing new life into this blog. I also like to seize the opportunity to set the following straight: in my former description, that has been up for years, I asked you guys to "bare with me" while I sorted things out. What I actually meant to ask you was to "bear with me". Pardon my Dutch. 


I'm oddly touched by the dick and boob pics y'all sent me though. :')

The definition of bewilderment

.....suddenly finding yourself waistdeep in the Merthur fandom.


loaded marchThe Student Prince



Dog Love Book Love

My Dog: The Paradox: A Lovable Discourse about Man's Best Friend - Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal

One of my favorites from 2013

you can read it here: 







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The Administration book 8 and....book 9?

Mind Fuck - Manna Francis Quid Pro Quo (The Administration, #2 - Manna Francis Games & Players  - Manna Francis Quid Pro Quo - Manna Francis

Before I turn down the announcements a notch, here's a final one:


Today: MANNA FRANCIS INTERVIEW with lots of practical details and exciting news + a post on why you should read The Administration + readers' favorite quotes +..oh hell, we have dedicated an entire day at www.boysinourbooks.com to The Administration, alright?!


I'd love for all TA groupies to unite..and drop a note.:)


Check it out at:




Remember that time El Presidio Rode North.....?

El Presidio Rides North - Domashita Romero,  地下ロメロ,  neomeruru The Foxhole Court - Nora Sakavic East - Domashita Romero,  neomeruru The Raven King - Nora Sakavic On Earth My Nina - Domashita Romero,  serenity-fails

Today: POST + INTERVIEW with Freefic writer Domashita Romero (Whitney Reynolds), who became popular overnight on Goodreads, and who talks about writing slash and the M/M closet, pansexuality, new projects, that El Presidio Rides North sequel we’re all hoping for and...why she wants YOU to hit her up!


Domashita Romero



I remember shouting in one of my reviews for her work:


"Who the hell is this Domashita Romero anyway? Who is this author who hurls these short and free, unique snowflakes onto the world wide web for us to enjoy? Who introduces us to these perfectly quirky characters and writes dialogue so naturally sparkly and humorous, that you’re afraid you may not be able to wipe that grin off your face ever again?"


Now is your chance to find out. :D


And believe me, you want to have read El Presidio Rides North and join the small army of fans who anticipate Gaga and Mercury's return. And it's all there guys, up for grabs. Free and fabulous.


PS And that's not all: The Foxhole Court author Nora Sakavic writes a guest post about her books too!


Check us out at:

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Vote for this book as "Non-fiction" and "Debut Author"

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OFF-TOPIC: The Story of an Internet Revolt by G.R. Reader - G.R. Reader

Join me in voting this book in the goodreads Choice Awards 2013, in categories of "Best Debut Goodreads Author" and "Best Nonfiction".


Screenshots of my votes (I actually did not have anything in mind for either category as not a bug nonfiction reader and would have no idea which author debuted on goodreads):





Not my brilliant spurt of imagaination, originated with Lobstergirl at https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1499741-important-note-regarding-reviews?page=123#comment_86192680


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1499741-important-note-regarding-reviews?page=123#comment_86192680

Interview with Manna Francis!

Interviews with....


Manna Francis.... on book 8 in The Administration. Can we expect more Toreth and Warrick underneath our Christmas tree?


Domashita Romero.... (when) will there be a sequel to El Presidio Rides North?


Orbiting Jupiter.... SHE'S BACK!


And much, much more.


Next week!


Freefic week


PS don't worry. I -- sort of -- managed to refrain from freaking out and squeee'ing like a craycray fangirl and think I asked all the important questions. :)


Review: Like a Moonrise

Like a Moonrise: Erotic Tales of Shapeshifters - MeiLin Miranda;Catt Kingsgrave;Marie Carlson;Kyell Gold;Rakelle Valencia;Aoife Bright

Belly button fucking: HOT or NOT?


belly button fuck


Having just discovered Catt Kingsgrave – who makes an appearance in this anthology  – gorgeous writing, I had greatly anticipated reading this collection of potentially quirky, charming and beautiful stories about pansexual love and shapeshifters. What I had not counted on was this big gap between my expectations and reality. I'm sad to say that with every new story the chances of this becoming a fangasming affair were further reduced…


Knowing that I HAD to eventually write that review, I very much looked like a deer caught in the headlines upon closing Like a Moonrise.


Make that a rabbit...


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Review: Soulless has bite

Soulless - T. Baggins

Marketing lessons: when choosing a business name, or an author pseudonym for that matter, make sure it's memorable and fits with what you are trying to achieve. Well, Ms. T. Baggins certainly got 1 out of 2 right, didn't she? :D

If I can give my not so humble opinion though, I think it's a bit unfortunate that an author who writes books that demand to be taken seriously, opted for a name that I associate with penis pranks. That, in combination with the 2 hastily thrown together  '
fried chicken' style torsos on the cover, made me anything but eager to give Soulless a shot. Luckily there's always the power of GRamazon and gushing friends... so here I am.



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Review: Fall Hard

Fall Hard - J.L. Merrow

Oh wow. This book stars an Icelandic Viking whose back is almost covered in a tattoo of Yggdrasil: the legendary Tree of Life. Now guess where its taproot disappears into...?


Uhu! That must’ve been an interesting session at the tattoo shop!


He he he...


Ehm, so now that I’m already discussing the plant kingdom, I might as well admit that I read Fall Hard in a semi -vegetative state.  I don’t mean to be rude, really I’m not. But there wasn’t all that much to kick my brain activity into full gear, you know? And I’m so bummed by this! Until now, I happily recommended Merrow’s work to my friends.  Not only is she a great writer, Muscling Through in particular completely won me over. It was original, subtly layered and very amusing. Since time travel novella A Trick of Time was mildly entertaining as well, I just figured I couldn’t go wrong with this author. So I was genuinely looking forward to this book, that’s set in the beautiful Iceland.


And It looked so good on paper! But...something went amiss when it came to the execution. Starting with Paul, the MC. He survived falling off an Icelandic waterfall. His bf was killed in the same accident – if that’s what it was...? After months of rehabilitation in a UK hospital, he still suffers from amnesia. He can remember his life perfectly, just not his year in Iceland (peculiar, no?). So Paul flies back in search of his lost memories. Before long, two men are vying for his attention. Did Paul know them before his accident? And if so, what role did they play in his life and why does he have the nagging suspicion that both men are hiding something? So far, so good! I haven’t come across the amnesia-trope too often so I’m not bothered by it. I know it can make for a  thrilling and suspenseful read when the MC’s memory loss is threatening his life and he gets caught up in a race against the clock.


Not this time.


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Vote against censorship!!!

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[reblog via Shelley] I heard via the grapevine that Amazon, Kobo, and B&N are going to ban erotica and self published authors? 


Uhm...does anyone know if this is true? I just signed a petition to stop it from happening. Talk about fucking oppression, I mean, are these people NUTS?! 


We need a couple hundred more votes, would you mind?




Source: http://www.change.org/petitions/amazon-barnes-and-noble-kobo-drop-the-clause-of-removing-erotica-and-self-published-indie-authors

Looking back on the turbulent weeks that followed after Goodreads' announcement that it would officially become Censorreads / Gramazon (take your pick) and delete everything and everyone who doesn't comply with their new, deliberately vague ToS, I wonder where I stand? Where do we, the refugees, stand?


What am I supposed to be doing here?


Why am I still there, supporting something disgusting?


Goodreads' staff approach to their users' questions, concerns, protests and outrage is still as baffling to me today as it was weeks ago. Their fuck you mentality towards the members that made their user content based website big... The fact that they still haven't and never will officially inform all of their members about their new ToS. Despite the ungoing protests and the vague announcement in the Goodreads Feedback Group maybe reaching 1% the site's users, leaving millions in the dark. Readers who have probably no idea that Goodreads is no longer independent, that reviews and ratings for books are no longer to be trusted. That criticism, anything that is bad for sales, will be nipped in the bud. That hysterical and overly sensitive authors can now successfully flag honest opinions.That our reviews, shelves and updates can and will be deleted left and right (and yes, even the ones that promote Booklikes or reviews for books about censorship that protest censorship are now given the axe).


Many high profile reviewers have already left the website or have stopped posting there altogether. I expect the top lists to turn into a place where oblivious teens with "5 DELICIOUSLY DANGEROUSLY DARK STARS" and GIF laden reviews can now easily find each other.


Goodreads and Amazon have destroyed something amazing.


And thinking about it makes me furious all over again. And yet, although it has become a different, quieter, scarier place, I'm still there... Angry, sad, but I'm there. I'm sad to say that I came to the conclusion that -- so far -- Booklikes doesn't do it for me either. I already have a Tumblr and don't really see the point of posting my reviews on a website with such limited options? It just doesn't seem very "book friendly" and social to me. I'm hardly able to find back the reviews of my friends if I don't accidentally come across them on my feed. Booklikes has potential, but is a bit of a helpless baby for now.


So I guess I'm still only using Booklikes as a safe haven and as a place to post sexy vids and silly vids. The vid above obviously falls in the second category AND COULDN'T HAVE LESS TO DO WITH THIS POST. WHATEVER. PSHT. :p


Sigh. I'm still waiting on Betterreads.


Make that Bestreads.


PS sorry for the gloomy post. I blame Orwellian websites and the dreary autumn weather. I'm probably rambling into the Booklikes void anyway.

From El sexo de los ángeles (the sex of the angels). Love triangle between students Carla and her boyfriend Bruno and dancer Rai. Not nearly as intense as I'd have liked, but nontheless a few gorgeous scenes. And I really love the end scene as well. It makes me smile every time I look it up on YouTube.


El Sexo de Los Angeles


Check it out and grab it if you can.


With a special note for Kynthos, who made me aware of this film's existence in the first place. You and your recs are the best and always will be.<3


Love scene Rai Bruno

[REBLOG] My Reviews Deleted and Shelf from Goodreads

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Coming here makes me feel safer.


The email I received:


Hello Katie,


We are contacting you to let you know your reviews of the following books have been deleted:
My Name is Dee
The Return of the Boomerang
Cherry Popper
The Selection
The Vanishing
The Journey Begins
The Firelight of Maalda
Condor One
Murder Most Gay
Talons of the Condor
Condor and Falcon
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Win my favorite M/M book....and 6 more!

Soulless, The Magpie Lord, Illumination: win the hottest books of this month by entering our GiveAway at Boys in our Books blog! (simply click the title)

KDP 'acceptable' content standard Karma♥Bites ~Bookin’ Freely posted this update on the M/M Romance Group. Is this a sign of things to come?

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Mods, my apologies for creating a new thread but thought that the significance of this alert/topic and likelihood of extended discussion warranted its own thread. I only have bare facts and the below is C&P of my post in my group.

ATTN: Erotica authors!! Please note that once again, Amazon KDP is ‘revising’ its content policies.

I'm sure that y'all probably already know this, with the different author resources and fora for info and discussion. But just in case, below is a link to a Sept 27th post on KBoards thread. I haven't read thru it to see how factual/valid the info is or who are most likely to be affected, but it's start for those who haven't heard anything.

Warning: KDP banning old and new erotica titles en masse from self-publishers

It seems that GR's confusing position re: its revised review/shelving policies is being mirrored by Amazon re: its revised content guidelines. To wit:

"Offensive Content

What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect."

FYI, Amazon's KDP Content Guidelines

I hate my job most on Mondays.


So how is everyone settling in here?:D


Are Mammarella and I the only ones who are now pressing ENTER on Goodreads to publish a comment? And who still haven't managed to keep that ENTER button under control on Booklikes? :p