Scheiße! I knew there'd come a point in life where I'd regret dropping German...

— feeling confident
Blaue Augen Bleiben Blau - Balian Buschbaum

...after only one year in school.


I'd really love to read this book and, overestimating my German, bought it. But although I can follow the bigger picture, the nuances are lost on me. *sad panda face*

I suppose I can always stare.



Balian Buschbaum


PERSEVERANCE. Hah! So I managed to read this after all by buddy reading it from my computer with my friend Google Translate.

Was it worth it? Well..

Balian is the type of guy that goes through life with a swagger. He likes sports, fast cars, women, some more women, and I'm sure he's got himself a pretty big dick.

Good for him!


What he's not is a man who showcases a rich and deep inner life, analyses the F to M process in great detail, explores the effect his transition has on his surroundings, or writes compellingly. His biography is therefore a straight-forward recollection of his life's events that (even when reaching the actual transitioning part) remains distant at best. For a thorough exploration of what it entails to be F to M, I'd recommend works like Finding Masculinity: Female to Male Transition in Adulthood.

I'm not going to diss a biography based on the subject's personality, but if I were him I would absolutely focus on TV performances and drop the writing aspirations. His confident personality and fucking delectable good looks are made for YouTube and TV. This is where he holds my attention effortlessly.

Though I'd probably still buy his next book if it contains a lot of nekkid photos.


PS Balian on YouTube (English subtitles)