Playing with Fire (The Administration, #3.5) - Manna Francis Umpteenth reread. Yup. I'm just a sucker for the hot 'n dangerous, angsty fuckery and I'm not afraid to admit it anymore.

When I noticed that people on the train were giving me funny looks, I finally realized that I was actually gnawing on my fingernails. Don't mind me guys! I'm just having a bit of a panic attack here because Toreth is completely losing it and Warrick is about to die!

"White-hot blinding anger burned through him."

And Playing with Fire started out amusing enough. With Warrick interrogating Toreth about his fucking around, and Toreth not giving a damn. Except for the fact that he kinda likes how his behavior always winds up Warrick, because the sex afterwards is so, so much better if Warrick has the idea that he has something to prove.

So I was just snickering affectionately, enjoying Toreth's completely immoral train of thought, when Warrick decided to - oh, no! - play a little game of his own to hurt his para-investigator....

Please, Warrick, don't go there, just, don't... But it's too late!
And all hell breaks loose.

I realize that there have been moments when I was silently urging Warrick to not give in so easily. But eventually I decided I couldn't really blame him for giving in to a Toreth, now could I?

Ugh...somehow I can't believe a 40 pages short story just made me take a ride on an emotional roller-coaster.