Captive Prince: Volume One (Captive Prince, #1) - S.U. Pacat,  C.S. Pacat Really, when you think about it it's pretty spectacular that an author throws such a brilliant book online for free, one chapter at a time. Because of this - and I should know better by now! - I had anticipated something fluffier and trashier and...worse.

But Captive Prince is so incredibly good, so emotional and intense, that I still can't quite believe it's up for grabs here. And I can only feel sorry for those who discovered Freece's blog long before the first two books were finished. I haven't seen this sort of merciless cliffhangers since KMM's Fever series.

After his father, the king of Akielos, dies, the noble crown-prince Damianos (Damen) is betrayed by his half-brother, who claims the throne for himself. His half-brother doesn't kill him right away, but sends him, as part of a cruel, sadistic game, as a nameless slave to a rivaling country instead. Here Damen is gifted to the revenge-thirsty prince Laurent, who hates everything Akielos. Suddenly a slave, Damen must tolerate and survive brutal abuse in the hands of this Laurent, while he desperately tries to come up with an escape plan before someone will find out his real identity and thereby signs his death-warrant.
Only, the aloof and dangerous Prince Laurent's entitlement to the throne is at stake as well. And soon the political-intrigues are threatening to take both men down. Only if they can miraculously find a way to trust each other they will have a chance at survival...

The ending of book 2 gave me goosebumps! Oh my god, I need to know if and when book 3 will be up. I wouldn't mind paying BIG BUCKS for it either, dammit!