A Thread of Deepest Black - Finn Marlowe This book...is a fucking puppet show in book form.


It's like your grandmother is reading you from The Big Bad Wolf again, only a plot-less variant with endless, repetitive, stretched-out sex scenes.

Contrary to popular believe, I really don't enjoy being a hater. And I'm actually scared to post this review. So I'm going to keep this short and simple for a change and try to not pour my frustration in a lengthy review that will probably only be read by friends who rated it 4 stars, except for Day thief maybe (bless you!:p). That way, maybe this review will fly under everyone's radar and I will still have fulfilled my holy duty of being a honest reviewer....am I rambling?

Hell, this is not helping. So I will let the book do the talking.

Christ, but he was a wicked werewolf! "How 'bout a kiss?" he asked conversationally.
"No!" Colton shouted. "You evil werewolf! You don't deserve kisses."
"Well, now..that sounds like defiance. You damned well will kiss me and you'll do a good job of it, otherwise you'll suffer much longer.

In a way, this scene is an anomaly. You see, the wicked werewolf, who refers to himself as a very wicked werewolf, seldom just asks for a kiss. Instead, he says "Give me your lips, o pretty one" on every other wicked page.

"Anything else?"
Ah...but there is! "Yes. I want everything! Give me everything, my beloved, I'll take everything."
"If I give you everything, can I have a kiss, my wicked werewolf?
Well now. That required some contemplation. "Give me every night in my bed, pretty one, and I'll give you kisses forever."
"Hmm...sounds like I'm getting the better side of this deal, Mr. Frost!"

I waited for weeks to cool down and write this semi-review. Yet the lameness, the cheesiness, the goddamn corniness HITS ME AGAIN LIKE A FREAKING BRICK WALL. And I pretty much adored Not His Kiss To Take by the same author. That one had a rather annoying abundance of endearments (angel) as well, but it was nowhere near as bad as in A Thread of Deepest Black. So it's me, but maybe it isn't me, you know?

"You are the evilest werewolf I have ever met.
"Thank you", he said, and meant it too. It was a compliment. But I am not evil. I'm merely wicked."

Also, there are penises in this book. Sore penises, erect penises, throbbing penises, swollen penises, hard penises, big penises and penises complaining of need.


Ages 3 and up. Indeed.