Dreamfever  - Karen Marie Moning What the fuck...Jericho Barrons plays Rob Zombie's Pussy Liquor for a pri-ya Mac. How badass can this man get? Wheww, what can I say...? I mean, I approve.

And dear KMM, if this isn't revenge then I don't know what is. Annoyed and unimpressed as I was with the first book in this series, Darkfever - I even recall labeling that one urban fantasy Stephanie Plum novels: entertaining but hardly impressive - I TAKE IT ALL BACK.

There was a time - merely days ago since these books are all-nighters - when I wanted to slam my head against the wall for having bought the entire series at once. Now I'm mighty glad I did. KMM consistently uses the most terrible cliffhangers, ones that leave you dangling helplessly in a need-to-pull-out-my-hair-in-frustration state. I'd definitely suggest getting your paws on the entire series at once.

Mac grows from a hardly tolerable dumbfuck into a pretty kick ass heroine. It remains unfortunate that KMM felt the need to portray her as that empty Barbie doll in the first place, only to make her growth more apparent. As the story unfolds, she becomes Mac version 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0. Which doesn't mean that she isn't left in the dark most of the time anymore. She still gets tossed around by the other players too, they are still more powerful than she is. This, I think, is a bit of a shame. I'd loved for her to kick some serious butt, voice Barrons "friends' just for the hell of it, be a force to be reckoned with. But well, she's come a long way so it's not that I feel like whining about details here.

And Jericho Barrons... I suspect that he has become larger, bigger and better than the author had imagined possible. Yup, he probably surprised KMM by coming alive like this. The man is epic. He's like Witchblade's Ian Nottingham (the Turner comic version mind you), La Femme Nikita's Michael, Robin Hobb's pirate Kennit..bundled into one, with an added dash of red hot dangerous animalism, sexiness and brutality...*oh swoons*. As the favorite embodiment of Barrons, David Gandy, is concerned... well I agree there's something there that subtly reminds of Barrons, but Gandy is such a pretty pretty model boy..and I wouldn't dare calling "my Barrons" pretty. Besides, mere prettiness is pretty overrated anyway in my book. Beh. So Tony Ward it is. Sort of. Somewhat.

I was relieved to find out that KMM erased most of what I considered to be cheesy tricks in the final books. Gone are the repetitive spoilers ("Had I known that V'lane was all about making love on Billy Joel, I would have never fucked him that day. But I didn't so...")
She hardly uses her heroine as a vessel to pour out her own thoughts into the story anymore. Simultaneously, the storyline morphs into roller coaster ride material: for the first time I actually sensed a bit of danger, things heated up, got interesting.

Sure, KMM goes happily overboard here and there. Dani for example: she's adorable alright, but letting her grab a role as narrator makes her into a caricature and is altogether a little too much. It serves no other purpose than to build suspense and make readers long for the good Barrons/Mac stuff even more. Transparent much? However, it's all forgiven, for Barrons makes up for everything. He personally lifts these books above mediocreness.

Uhmmm...do I sound a little pri-ya here?:p