BTW I Love You - Nico Jaye You thought a cynical bastard like me would throw this super sweet story away with a disgusted snort? But what people tend to forget is that even I was young once, and played with stuffed Care Bears and watched Rainbow Brite.


Anyway, Jane! Nico! How about the picture above for next year's event? Isn't it perfectly adorable? ^^

So BTW I love you is sugary sweet and will definitely put a smile on your face (unless you're Dr. Claw aka Joolz from Inspector Gadget). The young men in this short story meet over the Internet and fall in love. Their ears get a little pink when they chat, they dare not tell each other for long celibate months that they want to hook up and have hot monkey love, one of them sends the other a drawing of pink roses for his bd, neither of them takes antidepressants, Ritalin, Adderall or even secretly plans on kidnapping the other.

In other words, I'm a little out of my element here.

In fact, when I read this scene:
Aidan had turned his attention back to the package. Underneath a few layers of bubble wrap, he found a box, and inside that box, he found a smooth leather billfold in an unusual burgundy color.

I swear I read blindfold. I didn't even know what a billfold was until the MC mentioned what a great replacement it would be for his old wallet! That's when I realized my mistake too. I might be beyond help.

Also, when the two boys finally meet up, Jake gives Aidan THIS present.


"Thank you," Aidan said, otherwise at a loss for words. (...) Nobody had ever been so incredibly thoughtful as to bring him a gift like Jake's, either. (..) He rocked Aidan's world.

It's a basil plant in a pot, yes.

OMG, scoop me the fuck up and hand me the oxygen! I think I just died and went to Fluff Heaven. And you wouldn't expect it after the author had the guts to skip right over the cyber sex scenes and then went on and happily skipped their highly anticipated first meeting, only to return to it in the form of a freaking flashback, but there's actually a moderately explicit sex scene included in BTW I Love You.

Long story short, I just adored this lovely, pure and amusing story for what it was. I somehow feel more wholesome now, if you know what I mean? It reminded me of my first love and the insecurities that came with it. And it reminded me of those precious first days of the Internet. When my girlfriends and I pretended to be 18 in chat rooms, while we were anything but, and giggled when men wanted to hook up and made gagging noises when we were suddenly confronted with pictures of their dicks. O happy, innocent days!