Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie Moning What will be your reason for picking this one up?

If it's anything like: “Mmm, I really like KMM’s Fever series...Mac 3.0 was alright and Mac 4.0 kicked some ass. And Barrons..oh Barrons! That hot, carnal, cantankerous badass... So why not try KMM's other series?” Well, let's say you're in for a surprise. Beyond the Highland Mist is nothing like the Fever series. Evidence to substantiate this bold statement you ask? How about this?

"The thing about the room that struck her so hard was that it seemed to be waiting. Open and warm and inviting, saying, fill me with laughing babies and love. All was in readiness, the nursery was merely biding time - until the right woman would come along and breathe into it the sparkling life of children's songs and dreams and hopes."

Barrons would have babies for breakfast.

I occasionally love to indulge in the guilty pleasure of finding out how the heap of misunderstandings will miraculously lead to THE deflowering scene. It's always exciting to find out whether:
1) the heroine - however often almost thirty, married and divorced and ridiculously hot - turns out to be a Surprise Virgin after all;
2) and when that fact will become obvious to the hero, when he 'thrusts' his 'shaft' - or rather his 'engorged phallus' (KMM’s words, not mine!) - into her and suddenly stumbles upon a 'barricade' somewhere halfway up.
At which point the hero and I will both gasp and, while the hero bravely thrusts on, I cry out in wonder: "Could it be..a hymen? In such a strange location? Has it travelled upwards in a "You shall not pass, Flame of Udun!" sort of way? It cannot be!"

But believe me, in romance novels it certainly can.

Anyway, Beyond the Highland Mist is not the best that the genre has to offer. I vaguely expected something different from the usual fluff. Especially since I know how KMM can write ridiculously hot and intense scenes. What's interesting is that she experiments with the fae realm, so you get to see a little of the creative process that ultimately led to the successful Fever series. But in this novel, that experiment is merely distracting. The story-line itself follows a bumpy road and brings us to a corny deflowering scene. One that goes toe-curlingly wrong three to four times due to various bizarre reasons (it's a romance novel, darn it! I don't want to read about my hero coming too early and running away ashamed!), before we actually get some lukewarm action.

The characters just aren't that incredible either. The hero simply purrs to much. And I'm just not a fan of continuously purring's a tad..creepy? The heroine, well..she's the type of woman who "fully intended to have half a dozen of babies" and she said something silly about preferring to live in the Middle Ages as well. As a female, yes. And after several attempts at murdering her had failed. So she must've had a damn good reason for wanting to swap the late nineties for the 'comforting safety' of 1513 right?

"Actually, I was thinking about how nice it is here. In the 1990's, my God, people were just out of control! Children killing parents. Parents killing children. Children killing children. They've all got cell phones stuck to their ears and yet I've never seen such distance between people trying so hard to be close. And just the day before I left you should have seen the headlines in the papers. A boy strangled a little girl when she wouldn't get off the phone and let him use it. Oh, I was thinking bitter thoughts of that time and comparing it to (my new) home (1513) and home was definitely winning!"

Someone must have been asleep during history class, ha!


Soooo...for those who weren't really impressed with this book, but don't want to write off the Highlander series just yet. Book 4 was actually remarkably good.

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