Hot Guys and Cute Chicks - Audrey Khuner, Newman,  Carolyn While patiently waiting for part 2: Cute Guys and Hot Cocks - just hatching an idea here, that's all - I read this adorable little pocket book.


Hot Guys and Cute Chicks is stuffed with colorful pictures of attractive guys with their chicks. The guys are very Coca Cola man commercial-ish. Think muscular, waxed and tanned bods, pretty smiles and bleached teeth. The chicks are, well they're in a league of their own and really, they are the ones that steal the show.;)

The pictures come with tiny tidbits about the relationships these guys & chicks are in.

(a laughing) Andrew and (a stoic looking) Albert....
Andrew cracks himself up.
Albert does not find Andrew particularly funny.

(tough looking caramel skinned) Brandon and (cutesie patootsie chick) Bailey....
Brandon has 99 problems, but a chick ain't one.
Bailey has only one problem: keeping the other chicks away from Brandon.

It's cute...and won't do your reading challenge any harm either.