Comfort Object - Annabel Joseph "He was beautiful. No, beautiful was not the word for it. He was godlike, breathtaking, astounding, life-changing. I had never seen a male specimen like this come through the door. He was golden..(..) taut, muscular ass..(..) a sculpted torso and he was tall, with wavy dark hair that framed a classically handsome face. Prominent jaw, and the kind of full, sensuous lips that made me think naughty thoughts. His eyes were set deep and communicated animal sexuality. Even the way he moved reeked of sex."

Mind you, the heroine is only describing a minor male character here.

So maybe you don't want to hand over your goodies on a silver platter just yet gurrrl!

Oh, looks like she already did...

I immediately realized that Comfort Object was a terrible mistake, but must admit that I was interested to find out what words the author would use to describe the actual male lead, considering that she already used up every imaginable superlative.
...turns out the male lead has a totally awesome big movie-star SUV. Which seems fitting, since he - oh boy! - actually is a big movie-star.

Okay, back to that godlike minor male character, to give you an idea of what Comfort Object is all about: He wanted sex, and Lord in heaven knew I wanted to give this man sex. All women should have given this man sex, and probably did. Any woman walking the planet would have given it up for this piece of maleness..

That's right. It's about sex, sex and sex!

The heroine, Nell, has been working in a fetish club (a dungeon, to be precise) for 5 years, when she suddenly finds herself without a job. Then said movie-star pops up and makes her an offer she simply can't refuse. So she agrees to act as his fake girlfriend for the paps and his fans, while in reality she will become his sub, needing to fulfill his every need. Basically, she's supposed to help him (and a friend or 2...or 3..) unwind after a hard days' work, because darn it, making big screen movies can be such a boring affair.

I'm afraid Comfort Object is equally boring. The author didn't waste time on silly things like creating two intriguing characters and an obsessive, sexual attraction between them. And why would she, if she could write about them fucking like rabbits for 239 entire pages instead? (The storyline basically revolves around Nell feeling either horny or sad and her dominant movie-star spanking, then fucking her *repeat chorus*).

If you're looking for a raunchy follow up on Fifty Shades of Grey with dozens of explicit bdsm themed sex scenes, a cantankerous Mr. Handsome and a doormattish heroine, then this one is absolutely worth a try. They'll probably end up falling in love as well.
Although I chose to stay blissfully unaware of this possible ending.