Wine, Women and Cushions (The Administration, #3.4) - Manna Francis If I have to mention one story by the inestimable Manna Francis that I found rather meh, this would be it.

It focuses on Dillian and Cele gossiping about aunts, uncles, cushions and Toreth. The latter I enjoyed, since I savior every tiny tidbit about this man that I can get. And Dillian provided a pretty amusing and accurate description of him: "He's probably clinically disturbed, he beats Keir up and he kills people for a living. Oh, and he screws around like a tomcat on testosterone."

As much as I dislike Warrick's sis, I can't argue with her over this! Ha!

Other than that, the ladies had hardly noteworthy sex. It's true that I've read so much m/m lately that f/f, heck, even f/m sex scenes, now seem a bit boring to me. But c'mon, Francis could've done better than this!