Deep Blues Goodbye - T.A. Webb, Laura Harner Life has a funny sense of humor.

You're a good cop and although you're a closet case, you still manage to make out with your flamboyant, pierced and café au lait colored partner, Sam Garrett. Then your case ends in disaster and the next thing you know you wake up in a casket, during your very own funeral, and find out that you're suddenly a vampire. You think things can't get worse than that for Travis Boudreaux?

You are wrong.

How about trying to make a meal out of your partner? That kind of behavior puts a damper on the potentially dirty good thing he and Sam had going.

Two years have passed since Travis’ died and woke up a vampire. And the world as we know it has changed a lot since then. Vampires and werewolves now roam the streets. Fast food restaurants serve Bat Bites instead of chicken tenders and Wolfy Wonder sandwiches. And someone is murdering both teens and vampires. At the same time, Travis is still trying to come to terms with the fact that he's no longer human. While Sam has a hard time adjusting to all these mythical creatures, bitter as he is about how everything played out between him and Travis.

As the PCIU, the Paranormal Criminal Investigation Unit, investigates the murders, Sam's colleague Danny Burkette asks Travis for help. Danny can't hide his infatuation with Travis. The vampire smells his arousal, just as he smells a peculiar scent at one of the crime scenes. And however he's reluctant to help Danny out, that scent also invokes vague memories about how he died..

Meanwhile, Sam's career is in the shitter. His only chance to not be condemned to a desk is to join the PCIU. Which means that he must overcome his aversion against the undead and risks bumping into the person he has avoided for two years, Travis. But how will he react when he discovers that Travis has maybe moved his partner Danny?

Then Sam remembered the telltale bite marks in the early morning light. Jesus. Danny had let Travis feed from him. Had given fucking Travis Boudreaux blood. He closed his eyes as the hot water streamed over him and tried to image what that would feel like. Travis with his lips on his neck, licking, sucking, his teeth piercing him. He wanted to feel sick, to be disgusted by what Danny had let happen. So why was the sick feeling in his stomach more like jealousy than revulsion?

Deep Blues Goodbye is yummy junk food for the brain. You like your plate to be filled with steamy sex scenes, tough cops, sexy vampires and a pulpy plot? Then this is for you!

Personally, I'm usually not a big fan of fluffy PNR. The endless references to the various states of arousal the MC's are in and the emphasis on tight asses in tighter jeans tend to get on my nerves a little. And in Deep Blues Goodbye, there's plenty of that. Everyone wants to screw everyone, which results in a bunch of sizzling scenes (for example, Sam - who is now pierced in even more interesting places - gets manwiched between two bad-ass werewolves).

The downside of this is that if you're a romantic at heart, you might be in for disappointment. The story doesn't focus solely on Sam and Travis anymore, as was the case in the prequel. Instead, multiple new characters are introduced and they all want a piece of the MC's. Therefore, you'll find yourself wondering if it still makes sense to root for these guys, in the hope of them getting back together. There's so much going on plot-wise that you just don't know who is going to end up with who in the end or on the next page, and if it even matters.

Anyway, although I mentioned that PNR isn't normally my cup of tea, I found myself enjoying Deep Blues Goodbye way more than I had anticipated. Now that summer is on its way, I would absolutely recommend picking this one up if you're into the genre. It'll make a perfect, sexy and uncomplicated beach-read. Just remember to start with the free prequel!