Counterpunch - Aleksandr Voinov Present me with a successful, cunning business man in an expensive suit and a streetwise fighter who can barely control himself, and I'll be as fixated as a cat lurking at a mouse-hole.

"Will you punch me?" Nathaniel didn't smile, didn't mock him, but there was a tinge of humor. "Or are we done for this time?"
"That's your call", Brooklyn said close to Nathaniel's lips, noticing how they parted, ever so slightly. For all his nonchalant control, the man wanted him, and wanted him bad. Which, strangely, held the urge to fuck him or beat him up - or both - in check."

I think I forgot to breathe there for a second. But Voinov tends to have that effect on me.

Anyway, sometimes I try to write really thoughtful and heartfelt reviews... And sometimes there are so many awesome reviews out there already that I feel less guilty for just posting a picture, of a model named Carlos. I stumbled upon it on Tumblr and my mind immediately zapped to Brooklyn.


Could he be reading a hot m/m romance as well?