Five Times Roland Mars Didn't Hook Up With His Partner (and One Time He Did) - Domashita Romero,  engine I’m still not quite sure whether I should love this bout of creativity to bits or be vaguely frustrated by the unfinished feeling that clings to it? The suspicion that what we have here is a diamond in the rough that could turn out to be pretty fantastic when polished?

But I do know that I was mildly amused by the banter and events, the gently flowing words ad sentences and these tiny, but interesting pieces of world-building.

After overcoming my initial feeling of wtf-ery, I enjoyed these sketches to bits. In 20 pages, you are thrown into several (crime)scenes. And at the end of the ride everything comes together quite wonderfully and you find that you came to care for the psychic, pet Sherlock Holmes Roland Mars and his straight love interest.

Because quite frankly, this is a joy of a quirky little story.

Only, what words not to utter when holding someone's hard cock? That's right. Darling and lovely.