KDP 'acceptable' content standard Karma♥Bites ~Bookin’ Freely posted this update on the M/M Romance Group. Is this a sign of things to come?

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Mods, my apologies for creating a new thread but thought that the significance of this alert/topic and likelihood of extended discussion warranted its own thread. I only have bare facts and the below is C&P of my post in my group.

ATTN: Erotica authors!! Please note that once again, Amazon KDP is ‘revising’ its content policies.

I'm sure that y'all probably already know this, with the different author resources and fora for info and discussion. But just in case, below is a link to a Sept 27th post on KBoards thread. I haven't read thru it to see how factual/valid the info is or who are most likely to be affected, but it's start for those who haven't heard anything.

Warning: KDP banning old and new erotica titles en masse from self-publishers

It seems that GR's confusing position re: its revised review/shelving policies is being mirrored by Amazon re: its revised content guidelines. To wit:

"Offensive Content

What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect."

FYI, Amazon's KDP Content Guidelines